You are invited to a mysterious exploration of life from more than 3,000 years ago!

Life in the Bronze and Iron Ages, which we place in the Karst and Istria in the period from the 2nd millennium BC until the arrival of the Romans, is marked by peoples who also lived in hill forts. They devoted enormous time and energy to building monumental stone walls around their settlements, farming and cattle breeding, gathering plants, and worshiping a pantheon of deities. On a walk through the Karst forests, Istrian pastures and forests, between valleys, sinkholes and tracks, we can still admire many prehistoric remains. Many of the artifacts have been restored and reconstructed in museum display cases, and many are hidden beneath the earth’s layers and stone ruins. Patiently, accurately and carefully, archaeologists are discovering them so that we too can learn how they once lived, used natural resources, worshiped deities, traded or fought for their habitat.

Prehistoric heritage from the time of hillforts - castellieri represents an irreplaceable value. It reveals countless of knowledge and skills that have been preserved to this day and mark the identity of our landscape and ourselves. Preserving, reviving and presenting this heritage is a concern for each of us.

Getting to know and to experiencing the heritage of hillforts - castellieri offers movement and relaxation in nature, while learning about interesting facts and raising awareness of residents and visitors about the importance of this sensitive but extremely rich heritage. If possible, we recommend that your visit to protected archeological sites is organized and accompanied by tourist guides, who will also impress you with stories from the lives of local people in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

The collection and removal of archaeological artifacts and remains from the site or their damage, as well as any intervention on the surface or below the surface of the earth or water in the area of ​​the site is strictly prohibited. Cultural heritage is protected on the basis of the Cultural Heritage Protection Act:

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